Sales Planning


  • Optimize scheduling customer visits;
  • Decreasing the seller’s travel time between visits;
  • Maximize the number of visits per day;
  • Synergy with pathfind shipment routing (optimize logistics costs).


  • Comply with the restrictions. E.g.: frequency and duration of visits by rating, customer segmentation, customer loyalty seller, goal visits / day customer service window, etc;
  • Minimize the impact of geographic dispersion of customers;
  • Statistical data correct: average weight of purchase, average purchase price, positivation rate, etc;
  • Balance the weight of shipments during the days of planning.


  • To accomplish these tasks, it is designed to pathfind, a web system which through mathematical and heuristic algorithms, create routes from the clients to be visited and the available vendors, creating a work schedule in order to optimize logistics costs, increasing the production of the seller time and displaying the path that should be performed daily by each seller.